Species of Magic Mushrooms

As the name suggests, magic mushrooms are mysterious as well as incredible. What’s more mysterious about these magic mushrooms is they have nearly 180 species that grow worldwide. All of these strains consist of a compound called psilocybin. However, before you buy magic mushrooms online usa, get an idea about some of its species here. 



a. Liberty caps or psilocybe semilanceata 

The liberty caps mushrooms are the most common ones found in the world. As per a test conducted in 1997 by Paul Stamets and Jochen Gartz, the liberty caps are the third most dominant strain of mushrooms. The entire Northern Hemisphere is filled with liberty caps, commonly known as Witch’s Hats. For growing liberty caps, the soil has to be acidic and rich and fertilized with either cow or sheep manure. 


b. Flying saucer mushrooms or psilocybe azurescens 

The psilocybe azurescens have other commonly used names like flying saucers, blue angels, blue runners, or azzies. Generally, these grow in the wild as they are one of the strongest species. While the Boy Scouts were camping in 1979 in Oregon, they found the flying saucers. However, these mushrooms were officially granted as species after Paul Stamets recognized them in 1996. The azzies can be grown outdoors as they can withstand temperatures ranging from 16 to 24 degrees Celsius. 


c. Magic truffles or psilocybe tampanensis 

Another psilocybin-contained strain of magic mushrooms is the magic truffles, commonly known as philosopher’s stone. Initially founded in 1977 in Florida, these mushrooms have a brown conical shape on their top. Since they are rarely found, some people use these mushrooms as retreats in the Netherlands. 


d. Wavy caps or psilocybe cyanescens 

These mushrooms got their name from the wrinkled shape of their cap. Although Elsie Wakefield identified wavy caps in England in 1946, he has been keeping a stock of them since 1910. The environment in which they grow should preferably be a shabby and dirty wooded area in the parks or gardens. Wavy caps consist of psilocybin that ranges from 0.3 percent to 1.68 percent. According to Stamets, a minimal amount of psilocin and biocytin are also found in wavy caps. 



Besides the species mentioned above, there are also costa rica mushrooms majorly found in the Central American region. So, if you have a keen interest in mushrooms and would like to acquire some, don’t hesitate to buy shrooms online usa


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